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Unraveling the Mystery of Evolution Mega Ball: Your Complete Guide to Understanding

"Evolution Mega Ball is a game that turns the tables and offers you a whole new bingo experience.

In this giant ball arena, bingo and ball games are perfectly blended to bring players multiplied prizes and challenges. Your task is to chase the rich prizes by connecting the lines on the cards in your hand through your wits and luck. This game combines the excitement of the world's top casinos, making this online instant bingo game exciting and fun.

"Evolution Life Mega Ball" is essentially an online bingo game. Players can purchase up to 400 bingo cards online, each with 24 numbers.

In each round, the host will draw 20 numbered balls from a pool of 51 numbers. The player's goal is to find and draw a straight line on their bingo card consisting of any five of these 20 numbers, whether horizontal, vertical or diagonal. The more lines there are, the richer the prize will be.

The special feature of "Mega Ball" is that it draws up to two multiplier balls along with the numbered balls. If your bingo card contains a line with these multiplier balls, then your winnings will increase by a corresponding multiple. This is "Evolution Mega Ball", a game full of challenges and fun, looking forward to your participation and challenges.

Super Ball

This dazzling game show, exclusive to Evolution, is set in a vibrant, colorful studio, an environment that perfectly showcases the main attraction, our custom-built ball-drawing machine that contains 51 color-coded balls.

This exciting game is easy to play. All players need to do is set the value of the cards and purchase the number of cards they want, up to 400 per round. When they see the balls drawn match the balls shown on the cards, draw lines and potentially win, their expectations are heightened!

  • Players need to set the value of the cards and buy the desired number of cards.

  • Players need to set the value of the cards and buy the desired number of cards. A maximum of 400 cards are allowed to be bought per round.

  • When the ball drawn matches the ball shown on the card and a line is drawn, the player is likely to win.

Mega Ball Sweepstakes

In Mega Ball, 20 balls are quickly and individually drawn from the automatic ball draw machine. When the balls are released, the matching numbers on the player's cards are automatically crossed off. The cards are also automatically rearranged in the user interface, with the card closest to the winning number placed at the top. The numbers required for a player to win will be highlighted above the cards, and if these numbers are drawn, a prize may be won.

When the last ball is drawn, a superball multiplier between 5x and 100x is generated, the entire studio lighting changes completely, and the user interface highlights the desired number of wins to create a sense of excitement and anticipation. If a superball completes a line, the player's prize increases accordingly.

There is a small chance that excitement will continue with the elusive and rare "second superball" draw, giving players a second chance at a huge multiplier win!

  • When the last ball is drawn, a superball multiplier between 5x and 100x will be generated.

  • The entire studio lighting will completely change and the user interface will highlight the ideal number of wins to increase excitement and anticipation.

  • If a superball completes a line, the player's prize increases accordingly.

  • Players have a second chance to get a huge multiplier!

Mega Ball: Questions and Answers

How do I play Live Mega Ball?

  • Purchase a 5×5 grid format bingo card containing 24 numbers and 25 wildcards.

  • Draw 21 numbered balls and up to 2 multiplier balls.

  • Must form at least 5 numbers in a row to win.

How much does it cost to play Live Superball?

  • Cards range in price from as little as £0.10 to as much as £100.

  • Any number of cards can be played, up to 400.

Top Prize

  • The top prize for Live Mega Ball is £500,000.

The difference between Live Mega Ball and online bingo

  1. No competition, no need to be the first person to complete a line to win.

  2. All cards are valid until the last ball is drawn. All completed lines will count towards the payout.

  3. The gourd will not receive a bonus because the number of balls drawn is not enough to complete a card.

  4. The total number of balls is 51, which is less than in standard bingo games (which usually start with 75 balls).

  5. After purchasing an online Mega Ball card, you can change its number before the betting time ends.

  6. Mega Ball has no progressive jackpots, only multipliers that increase the payout.


Evolution Mega Ball: Where to Play and Benefits

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