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The Evolutionary Game Trend: Exploring Evolution Baccarat

As a globally recognized brand, Evolution considers baccarat as one of its core games, and Evolution has earned a global reputation for its innovative and high-quality live casino games. In this competitive and ever-changing industry, especially in the post-epidemic period, the emergence of new and innovative technologies has led to a constant renewal of the industry, evolving new landscapes and changes.

Our live baccarat raises the excitement and suspense to new heights, bringing a world-class, Macau-like gaming experience to all types of players, from the novice to the most experienced gamblers. Baccarat lovers, they can enjoy the most authentic baccarat gaming experience here. Each game variant is packed with features including Live Baccarat Squeeze, Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, No Commission Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Lighted Baccarat, and a selection of VIP and Salon Privé variants, making our baccarat games the most authentic and exciting live baccarat online.


Evolution Baccarat: Features

  1. Baccarat is a fun and easy game with a low casino edge, where players can get the highest point totals by betting on either the Player or the Banker.

  2. Evolution is a globally recognized brand and considers baccarat as one of its core games.

  3. Evolution has earned a global reputation for its innovative and high-quality live casino games.

  4. Evolution's live baccarat games offer excitement and suspense, bringing a world-class gaming experience to all types of players, from the novice to the experienced gambler.

  5. Evolution's baccarat game variants are plentiful and include Live Baccarat Squeeze, Live Baccarat Control Squeeze, No Commission Baccarat, Speed Baccarat, Lighted Baccarat, and a selection of VIP and Salon Privé variants.

  6. Players can stay ahead of the game with live betting statistics and interactive paths.

  7. Evolution offers a variety of default and configurable side betting options that add excitement and betting opportunities to the game.

  8. Evolution offers Baccarat multiplayer, allowing players to place bets on all live Baccarat tables at once.


Evolution Baccarat: Betting Strategies

These are the most common bets you can make in baccarat.

  • Bet on the position of the Player or the Banker. Choose one and hope to get a run and get multiple results. Hold this position until you lose, then change it.

  • Take turns betting on the Player/Bookmaker. Continue unless you lose two bets in a row. If you do change your strategy.

  • Simply bet on the draw position. You will not win often. If you don't win in 8-9 hands, you should try another method.

Evolution Baccarat: Live Baccarat Side Bets

Side bets exist in live baccarat games for two main reasons:

  1. Firstly, side bets add a secondary element of fun to the main game and can be seen as lighter bet that gives you a chance to win a larger prize. The odds are usually better than in the main game - although it must be recognized that the difficulty of winning is also relatively high.

  2. Secondly, side bets are also a strategy to make more money in the casino - as the return to player (RTP) is usually lower than the main game.

If you are a serious gambler who wants to make a profit, then you may want to avoid side bets. Otherwise, you must be prepared for more losses than wins!

Online Live Baccarat Side Bets Explained

  • Pairs

  • Bet on the first two cards of the dealer or player to be a pair of the same value. For pairs of the same suit, the maximum payout ratio is 25:1.

  • Over/Under

  • Bets on the total number of cards dealt in the round. Small is a total of four cards, while large is five or six cards. The maximum payout ratio is 1.5:1.

  • Bonus or Dragon Bonus Bet

  • The difference in the number of winning points between two hands. The larger the difference, the bigger the payout. The maximum payout ratio is 30:1.

  • Total Jackpot

  • After all the cards have been dealt, a bet is placed on the total number of points in both hands. The higher the number of points, the bigger the payout. The maximum payout ratio is 50:1.

  • Draw Bonus

  • If the game results in a five or six-card draw with a specific total, there will be an additional payout. The maximum payout ratio is 50:1.

  • Egalite Bonus

  • Bet on a game that results in a specific number of draws. In the case of two consecutive draws, the maximum payout is 220:1.

  • Lucky 6

  • A bet on a round where the total number of points in a hand will be 6. This bet is often found in no-commission baccarat. When the result is correct, you will receive an additional bonus.


Evolution Baccarat: Baccarat game variant

  • Game Variants

When playing online, you will encounter several different variants of live baccarat.

They are all essentially the same, the only differences you will find are the side bets offered and the seating positions at the table.

So, step by step through the most common actions:

  • Standard Baccarat

  • This is a single-seat game where the dealer deals a set of player cards and a set of dealer cards. There is one betting position for two players to place their bets.

  • Multiplayer

  • There are basically 7 betting positions where you sit down and bet. You can see what other players are betting on.

  • Single Player

  • The tables are set up so that you appear to be the only one placing a bet.

  • Speed Baccarat

  • Faster game rounds with the fastest licensing time of 27 seconds.

  • Mini Baccarat

  • Essentially the same as regular baccarat. It is a single-player game with faster-than-usual betting times.

  • Lightning Baccarat

  • This is a standard game based on Baccarat but with the addition of up to 8x multipliers that can boost the payout.

  • No Commission Baccarat

  • This is a version that does not take a commission from the dealer's win. Instead, it offers only a 50% payout when the winning hand is worth 6.

  • Squeeze Baccarat

  • This version has a runner feature. They can be squeezed by either the dealer or the player.

  • VIP Baccarat or Soiree Baccarat

  • These are the tables reserved for the big spenders!


Evolution Real Baccarat Control Squeeze

Real Baccarat Control Squeeze squeezes the dealer's cards into the player's hand.

The table is inlaid with a special glass with an integrated camera underneath.

The dealer deals the cards face down and through some computer magic, the player can see a computer-generated image of each card on the screen.

By using the mouse or finger, the player can pull back the edges of the cards to reveal their values.

The player must take action within a certain time period, after which the cards are automatically revealed.

The squeeze feature is available to all players, even those who are watching the table but have not yet placed a bet.

Evolution Live No Commission Baccarat

In other versions of Evolution Live Baccarat, a commission of 5% of the dealer's winnings is charged.

For No Commission Baccarat, the dealer pays no commission for wins. These fees are paid in equal amounts, not 0.95:1.

The other difference in the game is whether the dealer wins with a 6-point hand.

If you bet in that position and win, you will only get 50% of your principal back. This is where this game excels.

To balance this out, there is an additional side bet called the "Super 6".

With Super 6, you can make sure that the dealer gets a 6. If you do and it comes in, you will get a 15:1 payout.

Evolution Lightning Baccarat

Evolution's innovative Lightning Baccarat has won the world of multipliers for Baccarat.

Choose up to five Lightning cards per round and if they appear during the game round, they will be randomly multiplied by 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, or 8x.

The bonus is then multiplied by that amount during the payment process.

Each round of play can activate multiple flash cards, thus providing a large cumulative total spend.

A 20% fee is charged for each round of play to cover the cost of the flash cards. All other expenses remain the same.


Evolution Baccarat: Where to Play and Benefits

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