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Evolution Crazytime: Experience the perfect blend of highly interactive and adventurous spirit

Crazytime: Best Betting Strategies

"Crazy Time" is a rich game full of various stages and activities.

Many players are attracted to the generous bonus rounds, which are indeed the biggest reward, but a truly successful Crazy Time strategy will focus on the "number bets".

The attraction of "numbers", the most frequent winning option on the wheel, is that they can be multiplied from the top position, making the likelihood of winning extremely high.

In terms of return on bonus bets, Coin Flip and Pachinko are relatively low, Cash Hunt does well, and Crazy Time is the best choice.

"Crazy Time is highly variable, so if you want to play fast, this may not be for you. You may run out of money before you understand the rules of the game.

However, on the other hand, if you play strategically, you can look forward to long and steady profits because you know that your decisions are the best for the game.

"Crazy Time is a complex game and you shouldn't bet on it without fully understanding its rules.


  1. rich game stages and activities, providing players with a diverse gaming experience.

  2. "Number Betting" strategy with a high chance of winning.

  3. the relatively high return rate of bonus bets among all games, especially in the Crazy Time stage.

  4. strategic play for long-term stable returns.


  1. generous bonus rounds, allowing players the opportunity to win big.

  2. The game is highly variable, making each game exciting and fresh.

  3. The game rules are diverse and complex, testing the player's strategic choices.


Crazytime: How to win

Winning at "Crazy Time" is a more complex issue than you might think. This is a challenging game that requires a sophisticated betting strategy.

The best strategy for playing Crazy Time is to take each game seriously, to understand the odds and probabilities in-depth, and to let go of any over-expectation of "expected" results.

If you place your chips on the highest winning options, or if you cover most of the areas of the wheel, you will have a higher number of wins in "Crazy Time".

For example, if you bet on every bonus wheel, you would cover 9 of the 54 zones and expect a hit rate of 16.67%, or about one hit every six spins. Combining bets that are likely to bring small gains with bets on the bonus rounds often leads to the best results.

  1. The betting time is 13 seconds, so your bets must be relatively fast.

  2. If you place the same bet on every round, use the Auto Play feature. You can automatically play up to 100 spins and set win/lose limits. 3.

  3. I have experienced more than 30 spins without any winnings. Don't be discouraged when this happens, because you can quickly get four bonus rounds within five spins of the reels!

  4. Don't criticize the host when the game is not going well. If you lose continuously, take a break and come back later.

  5. Don't expect to win the jackpot quickly in Evolution Gaming Crazy Time - it's a game of sudden wins.

  6. Most of the jackpot wins are expected to pay between 10x and 25x the amount.

  7. Have fun. If not, don't play.


Crazy time: maximum payout of €500,000

The theoretical return to player (RTP) for Crazy Time ranges from 94.41% to 96.08%, with an average return on all bets of 95.41%.

Through the detailed analysis of Crazy Time, we can confirm that this is a highly variable game. This means that you will experience many small wins and some lows. However, in some rare moments, it will give you great rewards in a surprising way.

The game is designed to allow players to enjoy the bonus rounds that occur periodically. In order to succeed in Crazy Time, you must bet on the bonus rounds, as they can bring the biggest wins.

The probability of hitting each part of the "Crazy Time" reels is clearly shown in the hit frequency table.

The probability is the same for each new spin of the wheel. The results of past spins or the number of spins since the last special event do not affect the next results.

The maximum payout for "Crazy Time" is €500,000. This is set to take into account the fact that in the case of a large number of multipliers in the premium bonus round, the player can potentially win a huge amount of money.


Evolution Crazy Time: Where to Play and Benefits

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