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Crazy Time: Pursuing excitement and great prizes in the virtual world of Evolution

Want to experience an unprecedented online game show? Crazy Time" is definitely your first choice! Deeply optimized and enhanced with the original successful Dreamcatcher Money Wheel concept, we bring you not only the game but a whole new level of interaction and excitement. We bring you not only the game but also a whole new level of interaction and excitement, allowing you to experience madness like never before in every round of the game, as well as the opportunity to win various multipliers on top slots.

"Crazy Time" is a new experience created by Evolution that combines a live casino with a game show, featuring a dream-catcher-style money wheel with 54 segments. On this wheel, you have the chance to win from 1X to 10X, plus four unique and ingenious bonus wheel games, including Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pinball, and the real "Crazy Time".

Crazy Time: How to play?

The "Crazy Time" wheel is the key element of the game. Each new round is initiated by the host by spinning this core wheel.

Each spin of the wheel results in either a number: one, two, five or ten, or one of the following four bonus rounds:

  1. the "Coin Flip" bonus round

  2. "Cash Hunt" bonus round

  3. "Pinball" bonus round

  4. "Crazy Time" bonus round


Main Game Reel

In the main game, the Premier Slots will spin at the beginning of each round along with the main money round. The top slot generates a random multiplier for a random bet - either a number or a jackpot game. If the multiplier is horizontally aligned with the betting point in the top slot, it is a match and the multiplier is added to that betting point. The multiplier is either multiplied by a number of bets or by the multiplier in the bonus game - it all depends on whether the main reel also stops at that betting point!

All players can watch the bonus game, but only those who bet in the corresponding betting position can participate and win.

  • After the betting time is over, the host starts spinning the main crazy time wheel and the top slot machine starts spinning at the same time.

  • In order for the up-spin result to be valid and the multiplier to carry over to the main game, the two halves of the winning line on the top slot machine must be horizontally aligned.

  • If the main wheel is spinning, the selected multiplier will become active.

  • The maximum multipliers available on the top slot are 50x, including 25x, 20x, 15x, 7x, 5x, 4x, 3x and 2x.


Cash Hunt Bonus Game

Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery with a large screen and 108 random multipliers. The multipliers are covered by random symbols and players can shuffle before locating targets at the start of the countdown timer. Players select the target they think hides the largest multiplier. The cannon will shoot at the target and display the win multiplier when the time is up.

Each player chooses their own target in this interactive bonus round, which means players will win different multipliers!

  • The Cash Hunt bonus round appears on two parts of the crazy time wheel.

  • Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery with 108 random multipliers scrolling across the screen.

  • The multipliers are overlaid with symbols and confused, and the player needs to find the largest multiplier among them.

  • Players can use the mouse or their finger to aim and fire the cannon to select the symbols.

  • If the target is not selected within the time limit, the game will automatically select a symbol for the player.

  • The symbols fade into the screen to show the player's multiplier bonus.

  • Each player receives a different result depending on the symbol they choose.


Coin Toss Bonus Game

Tossing a coin will determine which multiplier wins! Flip the coin with the blue and red side, and the side with the coin facing up when it hits the ground wins. Before the coin is automatically flipped, two multipliers are generated, one for the red side to win and one for the blue side!

  • The coin flip bonus is activated when the reels stop at one of the marked bonus sections.

  • Only players who bet in that section are eligible to participate, while other players can watch.

  • The most common bonus round is the coin flip, which takes up the most of the four sections on the reels.

  • The coin flip guarantees that the player will win something.

  • At the start of the round, a random multiplier is assigned to both the blue and red sides of the coin.

  • The coin is tossed into the Flip-o-Matic machine and the side facing up is declared the winner.

  • Players are rewarded based on the multiplier of the winning side.

  • The prize pays out up to 5000x, but requires a 50x top slot machine multiplier to enter the round.

  • If a lower multiplier is assigned, a rescue rollover may occur.

  • The rescue rollover occurs after the first rollover and does not require further bets.

  • After the bonus round ends, the game goes back to betting time.


Pinball Bonus Game

The Pachinko bonus game features a large pachinko wall with many physical pegs. The game host will drop a puck and the player will win a multiplier of where the puck lands. If the puck lands on a "double" value, all multipliers at the bottom of the wall will be doubled and the puck will fall again - until the multiplier is won! The puck can fall again until the multiplier reaches the maximum 10,000 multiplier.

  • The Pinball Bonus Round is a bonus round that does not require player intervention.

  • There are 16 drop zones at the top of the pinball wall and 16 prize multiplier zones at the bottom.

  • The goal is to get the puck to bounce off the pegs, drop all the way down to the prize area, and eventually enter one of the highest multiplier areas.

  • The prize round begins with a multiplier or by adding the word "double" to each prize landing zone.

  • The host throws the puck from a randomly selected placement area onto the pinball wall, where it moves along the wall and bounces back on small pegs to change direction.

  • The round ends when the puck reaches one of the prize zones.

  • If the puck stays in a prize zone that contains the word "double", all multipliers in the other zones are doubled in value.

  • The host picks up the puck again and throws it into the pinball wall again and the game can continue.

  • The game can reach a maximum multiplier of 10,000, or the puck lands in a prize zone that contains a multiplier.

  • If the puck lands in an area with a bonus multiplier of 2 to 4 times, a rescue drop may be triggered.

  • The rescue drop will again throw the puck into the pinball wall, and the game round ends when the puck lands in the bonus area containing the multiplier.


Crazy Time Bonus Game

Open the red door and enter a crazy and fun virtual world with a huge virtual money wheel! Each player chooses his or her block before the game starts: blue, green or yellow. The game host presses a big red button to start the wheel. When the wheel stops, the player wins the multiplier that the baffle points to. If the stopper points to a "double" or "triple" value on the wheel, all multipliers are doubled or tripled and the wheel will spin again. Only the player who selected that stopper can participate in this round. The reels can be re-spun until the multiplier reaches the maximum 20,000 multiplier.

  • The Crazy Time Bonus Round is the earning round of the game and has only one Crazy Time section.

  • The host opens a red door and enters a huge virtual Crazy Time wheel with 64 sections on it.

  • The wheel is filled with multiplier, double and triple symbols before each round.

  • At the start of the game, the player can choose one of the three color baffles at the top (blue, green or yellow).

  • When the reels stop, the player gets the prize for the part where the baffle is located.

  • If the stopper stops on a double or triple, the multiplier increases by the corresponding amount.

  • The wheel spins again for the player who selected that color stopper.

  • The game ends when the baffle stops in the multiplier area.

  • Multiple double and triple symbols can be added, up to a maximum multiplier of 20,000.


Crazy Hours: Various Q&A

How do I play Crazy Hours?

The betting round in Crazy Time consists of betting on various parts of the wheel - either the numbers or the bonus round part. At the end of the spin, you will win with a number bet from 1:1 to 10:1, or trigger one of four bonus rounds.

Did you win real money in Crazy Time?

Yes. The only way to play Crazy Time by Evolution is to register for the game at an online casino and play for real money. The game does not offer free play or a demo mode.

How often does Crazy Time by Evolution air?

Hit frequency depends on your bets. 1 will hit 38.89%, 2 will hit 24.07%, 5 will hit 12.96% and 10 will hit 7.41%, which is the same rate as the coin flip bonus round. 3.7% for Pachinko and Cash Hunt, and 1.85% for Crazy Time bonus round.

How does Cash Hunt work?

Crazy Time's Cash Hunt bonus round is a shooting range with 108 random multipliers. You try to find the most important multiplier, then use the mouse to aim and fire the cannon to shoot the symbol of your choice. Afterwards, all characters disappear to reveal your multiplier bonus. Although all players betting on Cash Hunt can play this round at the same time, their fate will vary depending on the symbols they choose.

What is the RTP for Crazy Hours?

Crazy Time's theoretical return to player (RTP) is between 96.08% for the #1 bet and 94.41% for the Crazy Time bonus round. The average of all individual betting odds is 95.41%.

When should I bet on Crazy Time?

It helps if you bet on every spin of the Crazy Time wheel, using the best strategy to maximize your chances of getting a big win while making sure you get plenty of small wins to keep you moving forward. Waiting for the "right time" to bet on the "crazy time" doesn't work well.

What's so special about Evolutionary Crazy Time?

Crazy Hours is based on the Dreamcatcher recreational game, but with four bonus rounds, each of which has the potential to bring in a huge payout.

How often do the bonus rounds happen?

Although it may take more than 30 spins to occur, you can expect a bonus round every six spins on average!

How much can I win?

The winning potential of this game is huge, with Pachinko's multiplier reaching 10,000x and Crazy Time paying 20,000x. With a 50x top slot multiplier boost, 100,000x is possible!


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